How To Gain Hope: Facing Your Trials With Confidence

Remember when you were young? Your mother sometimes scolded you because of your stubbornness. Your teacher got angry because you are not listening (thus you got low grades). Your classmates bullied you because you always cried. They don’t want to play with you because you have an ugly face. This challenge in your life somehow puts down your self esteem. You think of dropping out because you don’t want to see your classmates anymore. You want to quit and stop living because you feel that you are an outcast. You don’t want to share your feelings and ideas to others because you feel that you are useless. And without knowing, as the years continue this will be the start of depression. So as soon as possible think of a way on how you will go out in this maze.

How can one gain hope despite of the trials in your life? Life is not easy. There are always problems and trials that come in our life. All you just need to do is find a way so that you will overcome these circumstances. And what are this ways? First do not instill in your mind that you are nobody. You are special and you must share your blessing and your talent to others. Every one of us is gifted. The only different is how you make this talent useful to others and to yourself. The moment you loss hope and keep downgrading yourself you will only feel depressed. So do not put bad ideas in your mind and heart. Be positive and strive to make yourself meaningful. A guy who was always scolded by his teacher becomes a lonely student in the classroom. Every time his teacher ask him about the answer he will just look at the teacher without answering anything. So his classmates call him imbecile. But one day there is a girl who approaches him and talks to him about the situation. She encourages him to study and strive for learning so that when the teacher asks him, he can answer. So he study and read more books. Now when he teacher ask him he already know the answer and the very surprising is that, he got an honor at the end of the school year. This shows that when there are people who guided you and see the beauty in you, there is no such thing that you will quit. So friendship and encouragement to a person who lost hope is necessary. Encourage your friends and bring them to the right path.

Second, look for a story that will inspire you. If you feel that you cannot face your problems anymore there are a lot of stories that will help you gain hope. Reading about a story of a successful man will help you go on with your life. Ask why they able to face all those challenges and stay successful? It is because they are confident to face the world. They are resourceful and energetic in finding ways to solve their problems. They don’t listen to the discouragement of people that surrounds them.

Third, always seek for your family’s presence. Our family is the best and most reliable allies in facing our life. As we go on they are there for us to help us. So if you feel that you are alone and have no one to talk to, think of your family and your friends. They are just there waiting for you to open up your problems. As you share your troubles to them you will be bombarded with advice and tips on how to go on living. Your family and friends advice will help you gain more confidence in facing the world. Their love and care somehow will give you strength to continue fighting for your life. And when they give you inspiration do not contradict it. Just listen and absorb the good tips that you think is good for you.

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